Privacy-focused Brave Browser Accused of Unauthorized Actions
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Crypto-friendly web browser Brave has been accused of unauthorized actions. According to a Twitter user @cryptonator1337, the browser autofills link with a referral code without the knowledge of a user.

According to Cryptonator1337, when a user types in a domain name, such as, the browser changes the address and adds referral code to the URL-address.

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Brave CEO and Co-Founder Brendan Eich says the browser has a setting to disable the autocomplete defaults that add affiliate codes, in brave://settings first page.

"Current plan is to flip default to off as shown here. You can disable ahead of our release schedule if you want to. Good to hear from supporters who will enable it," Eich added.

Eich also said the company made a mistake but highlighted that since the company behind the browser is a Binance affiliate, it refers users via the opt-in trading widget on the new tab page.

"With Brave, we are trying to build a viable business that puts users first by aligning interests via private ads that pay user >= what we make on fixed fee schedule, no browser data in the clear on any of our servers, and so on. But we seek skin-in-game affiliate revenue too," Eich pointed out.

In March, Brave entered into a partnership with Binance. The Chromium-based browser supports functionality for buying and trading cryptocurrency via Binance right in the application.

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Back then Eich said that by bringing exchange like Binance directly into the browser, Brave was taking cryptocurrency trading mainstream and enabling users "to conduct transactions with ease."

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