Norwegian Salmon Exporter Uses Blockchain to Fight Fraud
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Kvarøy Arctic, a Norwegian producer of farmed salmon, has just joined Food Trust, IBM's blockchain supply chain management solution, CoinTelegraph reports.

The salmon producer, which provides the product to a large number of restaurants and retailers in the US and Canada, plans to make use of IBM's blockchain solution to provide its customers with reliable information about the origin of its products.

All information related to the origin of salmon will be available to end users through QR codes. They will only have to scan them to access a large amount of data, including information and images showing the conditions in which the salmon was produced, its age, the date of harvest as well as information regarding the route of the product from its origin to its final destination.

This prevents any type of fraud, which unfortunately is pretty common in premium products such as salmon.

Blockchain tech has become the perfect ally in the fight against fraud in the food industry, as its immutable nature means the information recorded on a blockchain cannot be modified. For this reason, clients can be 100% sure the information they are accessing has not been altered by any third party.

Kvarøy Arctic CEO Alf-Gøran Knutsen said:

"Blockchain is the future when it comes to ending fraud in the seafood industry."

Blockchain-based food tracking platform Food Trust was introduced by IBM in October 2018.

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