Crypto Wallet Wasabi Investigated by Europol
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5 June
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Privacy-focused crypto wallet Wasabi is under the radar of the Europol.

The wallet, which offers users the possibility of keeping their anonymity through a mixing service, is being investigated by the authorities for allegedly facilitating transactions on the dark web.

According to a two-part report shared internally by the Europol earlier this year, the wallet could have been used for illegal transactions.

According to Chainalysis, the first part of the report, which started to circulate in April, states:

"Over the last three weeks, BTC in the amount of nearly 50 million USD were deposited into Wasabi with almost 30% coming from dark web markets. This is a significant amount, relatively speaking, given the dark web transactions are estimated to have only 1% share of total transactions."

The use of mixing services, which make it extremely difficult to track transactions with cryptos, is gaining popularity on the dark web, as they allow crypto users to hide their traces from the authorities.

Even though the report has been leaked through the popular instant messaging platform Telegram, the Europol press department has confirmed its authenticity.

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