Coincheck Suffers Massive Data Leak
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Cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has announced it suffered a data breach, which includes users’ private information.

According to an official announcement, the attacker managed to get unauthorized access to the exchange's account in the domain registration service (GMO Internet Co., Ltd.).

The leaked data includes registered addresses, names, birth dates, etc. The breach has reportedly affected approximately 200 users who contacted the exchange via email from May 31 to June 1.

The exchange claims it asked the domain registration service operator to investigate the issue and it will contact suffered clients after conducting a further investigation.

Hacked Coincheck Announces Deadlines of Leverage Transaction Service Termination

In January 2019, the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), the country’s finance regulator, granted Coincheck with total permission to operate as a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan.

Coincheck was hacked in January 2018, and lost around $500 million worth of NEM tokens. Back then, it was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan.

After the hack, the FSA decided to implement more strict regulations for exchanges looking for an operating license — and Coincheck was ordered to improve its operations.

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