Coinbase Expands Tezos Staking to UK and 3 Other Countries
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Popular US crypto trading platform Coinbase has just announced it is expanding its Tezos staking service to 4 new countries: the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

From now on, residents in these countries will be able to earn a reward of up to 5% for staking their XTZ tokens on the exchange.

In order to receive this reward, users must stake their cryptocurrencies for at least 35-40 days. After that, they will begin to receive their percentage of profits every 3 days.

The company has decided to extend its staking service to these 4 European countries after doing the same in the US in November. The service was initially only available to institutional customers.

According to the exchange, US users have earned around $2M since Tezos' staking service was launched.

Tezos is not the only token for which Coinbase offers a staking service. For example, last week the exchange added the possibility of staking Cosmos (ATOM) and Algorand (ALGO).

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