Polkadot Launches Initial Version of Blockchain
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Web3 Foundation has announced the launch of the initial version of the Polkadot blockchain network.

According to an official announcement, initially Web3 Foundation will retain superuser control of the network via a "Sudo module." This period will reportedly allow the Foundation and Parity Technologies to execute critical logic and security audits and calibrate final aspects of the network.

Web3 Foundation founder and President Dr. Gavin Wood says Polkadot is, in many respects, "the biggest bet in this ecosystem against chain maximalism."

"Even if there were one perfect chain, I don’t think it would stay perfect for very long. I would argue that it's really not such a good plan to be so focused on backing one winner above all others," Dr. Wood added.

Dr. Wood hopes Polkadot can develop a new class of development teams and development application where a user does not have to know everything in order to build a new blockchain.

Polkadot is a sharded blockchain that connects several chains together in a single network, allowing them to exchange data securely and process transactions in parallel.

Coinbase Custody to Allow Users to Stake Polkadot's DOT Token

Last year, cryptocurrency storage & exchange provider Blockchain.com entered into a partnership with the Polkadot Network to accelerate the adoption and decentralization of Polkadot tokens (DOT).

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