Chinese Media to Launch Blockchain-based Newsroom
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In China, a group of 12 Chinese media organizations, including TV channels, newspapers and radio, announced the creation of a blockchain-based newsroom, Cointelegraph first reported citing local media news outlet China Email.

According to China Email, an alliance called The National Blockchain News Editing Department is focused on distribution of reliable and traceable news, by recording news articles as blocks on the blockchain network.

The alliance includes such media groups as Hubei Radio, Shanghai Poster Industry Group News, Beijing Time Guizhou Daily Tianyamn News and others.

Deputy director of the CECBC Blockchain Committee of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Wu Tong says the reform that they seek to implement through the blockchain-based newsroom is guided by the principles of technical framework, thinking logic, and organization mode.

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Wu says that in terms of blockchain development, the country has achieved a great progress, which gives an example of the "intensive" development of collective learning of blockchain across the country.

It is unknown whether the alliance will use Ethereum blockchain or will create its own.

iHodl previously reported that Argentina's government confirmed on March 14 its Official Gazette, which is based on blockchain tech, had been hacked by some attackers who had been spreading fake news about the coronavirus.

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