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22 May
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Crypto exchange has talked about the company's plans and new products. In particular, the founder of, Peter Smith, has said:

"Russian users already make up a large portion of our traffic and exchange volume. Today, we’re pleased to announce that in the coming weeks, we’ll be one of only a handful of exchanges that support the Russian Ruble."

The company has reported that since 2012, has made up 27% of all Bitcoin transactions, a percentage that has grown to 32% since May. The number of wallets registered on the platform has reached 50M, while the next target is 1B by the end of 2030.

The company also plans to update its Explorer in order to simplify its user interface as well as add new products related to data analysis. has also launched its own Interest Accounts, which allow users to deposit Bitcoin and earn as much as 4.5% interest annually. Even though this service is only compatible with BTC at the moment, the company plans to add more assets in the future such as ethereum and USDT. will also add margin trading in the near future. Smith has added:

"We believe the internet will have its own financial system. We believe that macro forces will accelerate the crypto thesis and will drive more and more consumers to be crypto-curious."

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