Bitcoin Price on BitMEX Falls Down to $0
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Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has suffered anomaly bug which caused bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) price fall down to $0.

The exchange was in the maintenance mode between 12:00 and 13:40 UTC and excluded for funding rate calculations on perpetual swaps.

On the official status page the exchange said a full review of the incident would be posted "in due course."

Initially, the exchange returned operations in cancel only mode until 13:40 UTC, where no new orders could be placed.

BitMEX Warns Halving May Cause Transaction Delays & Withdrawal Fees Increase

BitMEX claims all funds are safe and no liquidations had occurred during the downtime.

iHodl earlier reported that BitMEX faced another lawsuit, according to which the exchange "deliberately designed" countless illegal actions.

According to the lawsuit, BitMEX specifically freezes activity on its servers, passing off what is happening as a system overload, while it itself can choose which applications to skip or reject against the background of volatile cryptocurrency market movements in order to increase the volume of liquidations.

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