Free TON Starts Distribution of TON Crystal
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May 19, 2020

The developers of the Free TON blockchain, an alternative version of Pavel Durov's Telegram Open Network (TON), have organized three competitions in which participants can get TON Crystal tokens.

The first competition consists of the development of tools for scalable and secure operations in the TON Free blockchain. In the second contest, the participants must create a voting system for the contracts for the decision making within the project. This mechanism will form the basis for the management of the Free TON community. In the third contest, participants must find the most convenient way to launch the TON Crystal tokens.

The creators of the best proposals will receive 30,000 TON Crystal tokens. The prize fund of each competition will be 70,000-100,000 coins. The members of the jury will also receive TON Crystals as a bonus.

The competitions will last until May 25.

The Free TON contests are the only way to receive the TON Crystal tokens at the moment, which means they can only be distributed to people who have contributed to the network.

The Free TON network was launched on May 7. Later, Pavel Durov announced the closure of the Telegram Open Network project due to pressure from the regulators and warned users not to trust sites using his name or the Telegram brand or the "TON" abbreviation to promote their projects.

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