DigiByte Founder Accuses Crypto Community of Being Greedy
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18 May
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Jared Tate, the founder of the digital currency DigiByte, has announced via Twitter he is leaving his daily operations in the project after accusing the crypto community of being greedy, which according to him could increase centralization.

Tate has said the crypto community for which he has been working for the past 8 years has not lived up to his hopes and that it is still controlled by a 90% of people who only want to cash out their profits when prices go up.

DigiByte's founder has also mentioned the people who are only interested in making money and then retiring to their own island.

Tate has said he is not leaving the project, but will now focus on "using open source DGB tech to build some commercial applications" independent of DigiByte. He has called on the community to "take over the reigns and guide DGB to new levels:"

"A decentralized project must stand on its own merit. Not its founders opinions."

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