Binance Freezes Cryptos Stolen from Upbit
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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has frozen funds that were stolen from the Upbit exchange in November 2019.

According to the WhaleAlert twitter account, 137 stolen ethers (approximately $27,000) were transferred by hackers to Binance.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said on Twitter that all transferred funds were successfully frozen and the exchange will contact Upbit to verify and get law enforcement involved and hand off the funds.

"Waiting for someone to complain on social media about us freezing funds. But fight bad actors, we must," CZ added.

In November, just after the hack, Chiachih Wu, researcher at blockchain security firm PeckShield, said on his Twitter account that some ether tokens that were stolen from crypto exchange Upbit had been transferred to Huobi.

Court Drops Charges against Upbit Executives

He said there had been small transactions involving different ethereum addresses. He also added that the attackers were laundering part of the stolen funds via Binance accounts.

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