ErisX Rolls Out US First ETH Futures Contract
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May 12, 2020

Cryptocurrency derivatives platform ErisX has introduced the first US based exchange-traded Ether futures contracts.

According to an official announcement, starting today investors can access physically delivered futures contracts based on ETH-USD with monthly and quarterly expirations.

"We are proud to bring this infrastructure to the benefit of the Ethereum network and look forward to seeing the market for ETH benefit from these risk management tools," ErisX said in the announcement.

The US market previously had no ETH-based futures contract due to uncertainty around legal status of ether.

In China, for example, Shenzhen Court ruled that ether token is protected by law, and Chinese citizens are not prohibited from owning and operating cryptocurrencies.

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Previously iHodl reported that ErisX received BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS).

According to an official statement, the watchdog approved the application of Eris Clearing, LLC, the clearing entity in the ErisX family of companies, for virtual currency and money transmitter licenses.

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