Telegram Agrees to Give ICO Documents to SEC
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Telegram has agreed to hand over to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) additional information about its 2018 ICO.

Thus, the company has signed an agreement with the regulator that requires it to file with the SEC all financial documents requested before May 20. The required documents include information on the agreements offered or entered with the first investors in the Telegram Open Network (TON) as well as additional banking information.

In addition, Telegram will answer any questions the SEC might ask regarding the information the company provided in the past. Telegram will also hand over information about all the offers made to investors as part of the sale of Gram tokens.

Telegram has agreed to cooperate with the SEC right on the same day Free TON was launched. Yesterday, a group of developers, validators and software users released the Free TON Blockchain and its native token TON Crystal (TON). The protocol has been developed by Nikolai Durov and the Telegram team.

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