Telegram Offers TON Investors 2 Options to Get Their Money Back
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Telegram has just made a new offer to non-US resident TON investors, RBC has reported.

On April 30 Telegram offered investors three options to recover their funds: recover now 72% of their current investments, get back 110% of the original amount before April 30 2021, or sign a new agreement with Telegram and receive Gram tokens in a year if it is launched.

However, this new proposal leaves only two possible options for investors: to recover their investment now or to leave them on credit. Telegram offers investors the possibility to invest in the project as a loan at 52.77% per year; then, they can expect to get 110% of their initial investments in 2021.

At the same time, Telegram reserves the right to repay this loan at any time; in this case, they will receive 72% of the initial investment plus interest on the loan, which will accrue before the repayment date (the minimum amount is set as a percentage for three months).

At the same time, the document makes no reference to the possibility of delaying the launch of TON to next year.

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