TON Developers Launch Free TON Blockchain
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The Free TON community, which is made up of an independent group of developers, validators and software users, is launching the Free TON Blockchain and its native token TON Crystal (TON).

The protocol has been developed by Nikolai Durov and the Telegram team, which has been unable to launch the Telegram Open Network (TON) due to a legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This blockchain protocol would be based on the original Telegram Open Network.

The TON Community Foundation reported in late March it planned to launch the network in spite of the legal battle between Telegram and the SEC.

According to an announcement shared by TON Labs, the community will launch the Free TON Blockchain along with free "TON" tokens, which will be distributed among users.

Per the declaration published on its official website, Free TON will be launched in several stages in order to ensure the protocol's development and its mass adoption.

According to the declaration, decentralization is ensured by:

  • A vast majority of TONs are being distributed among many users in the simplest way possible in order for them to participate in staking.
  • Several independent Validators are participating in network consensus.
  • At least 13 independent stakes are validating masterchain and workchain blocks with the requisite computer resources continuously.
  • No single validator or other party that is technically able to participate in staking has more than 1/3 of all TONs available.

By launching the tokens and the blockchain network without the participation of Telegram, the Free TON community positions the network as a "provably decentralized blockchain."

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