TON Labs Releases its TON OS as Open Source Today
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TON Labs will release its TON OS operating system as open source today.

While both the Gram token and the Telegram Open Network (TON) have suffered several delays due to pressure from regulators (SEC), who have accused the company of carrying out a sale of unregistered securities and failing to provide investors with sufficient information about the company's financial status, the launch of TON OS has not been affected.

Thus, the developer of the project TON Labs has reported it will publish today the main components of TON OS as open source in GitHub. The news has been confirmed by TON Labs CTO Mitja Goroshevsky.

In addition, it has been reported the launch of this operating system, which is not an alternative to current operating systems but a complement to allow devices support blockchain applications, will be accompanied within a month by the launch of the TON Cash token, among other products.

TON OS will also allow users to develop applications that are automatically compatible with the blockchain platform.

Earlier today it was known Telegram has offered non-US resident TON investors two options for recovering their investments.

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