TokenAnalyst Announces Closure
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5 May
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Analytical web platform TokenAnalyst focused on blockchain & cryptocurrency exchanges data research has announced the closure of the service.

Bitspark Announces Closure due to Failed Restructorization

The reason for the closure remains to be unknown.

According to an official announcement on Medium, some of TokenAnalyst team is joining popular in the US crypto exchange — Coinbase.

"Our mission was to bring transparency to the decentralized world, and we believe we made significant progress towards this mission," the TokenAnalyst team wrote in the announcement.

The London-based tech company was founded in October 2017 by Jai Prasad and Sid Shekhar.

iHodl previously reported that backed by an investment firm and hedge fund Pantera Capital cryptocurrency exchange on the Lightning Network Sparkswap decided to shut down its services.

ConsenSys Layoffs Another 14% of Staff

According to Trey Griffith Sparkswap Founder, the exchange was not able to build a large enough audience "to sustain the business over the long term."

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