Telegram Offers US Investors Only 72% Repayment, No Other Options Allowed
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May 4, 2020

Russian media outlet The Bell citing a letter from the Telegram team says US investors are deprived of choosing the option to sign a loan agreement with Telegram for another year to receive up to 110% of their initial investment or Gram tokens.

American investors are only allowed to get 72% of their investments back.

Previously iHodl reported that investors have the right to claim 72% of investments back or sign a loan agreement for another year to receive Gram tokens in 2021 or up to 110% of their initial investment if Telegram fails to launch the project.

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As a reason for the refusal Telegram refers to the uncertain attitude of regulatory authorities in the United States.

Telegram believes that reducing unnecessary regulatory risk is in the interests of all parties.

However, it is reported that Telegram also can not guarantee to non-US investors investors they will receive the Gram tokens even in 2021.

Court Does not Allow Telegram to Distribute Gram Token to non-US Investors

However, Telegram is ready to come to a new agreement with non-US investors if they prove that they are not residents and are not based in the United States.

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