Tezos Devs to Roll Out Chainlink Oracle on Tezos Ecosystem
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Main blockchain developers of the Tezos (XTZ) ecosystem have announced they will collaborate to make Chainlink available to all developers building on Tezos.

According to an official press release, blockchain teams SmartPy and Cryptonomic are working on making Chainlink oracle solution connectable to Tezos smart contracts.

"Integrating natively with Chainlink allows Tezos developers to harness the power of decentralized oracle networks to securely and reliably access key off-chain resources and use them in their on-chain applications," the press release states.

By making Tezos's smart contracts accessible with Chainlink's tamper-proof inputs and outputs will reportedly enable the development of data-enabled applications that are fully integrated with real-world data/systems.

Previously the Tezos Foundation announced it had decided to settle all class action lawsuits against it.

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