Alibaba Patents Blockchain-based Music Verifier
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Chinese multinational technology company Alibaba Group Holding Limited has filed a patent for a blockchain-based system that analyzes music originality.

According to the patent published on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the system retrieves a music file published on a blockchain network comprising the music library node and a music analyzer node, performing an originality analysis on the music file based on a local music library.

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Alibaba claims that more and more musical works are created with the development of entertainments. However, the music industry still has no platform to identify plagiarized or imitated content.

"Currently, there is still no platform that can be used to perform a similarity analysis on musical works to identify plagiarized or imitated works, and various and complex forms (including pure music, mono-track music, multi-track music, and singing) of musical works make it harder for protecting musical works' copyrights," the filing states.

The Chinese tech conglomerate claims hash coding on the music files for recording and authenticating copyrights does not guarantee the originality of musical works with similar tunes or tempo.

Earlier Ant Financial, the fintech division of the Chinese giant Alibaba Group, launched the consortium blockchain platform OpenChain.

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The main goal of the platform is to support small and medium-sized enterprises' interested in using blockchain applications "with higher efficiency and lower cost".

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