Tencent Launches Blockchain Accelerator
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Chinese tech giant Tencent has just announced it has launched Tencent Industrial Accelerator, a program aimed at helping 30 blockchain startups.

According to the announcement that was published on the company's site, the project aims to help 30 startups from the blockchain industry to develop their own solutions based on cryptos' underlying tech.

All companies interested in taking part in the project can submit their applications until June 6.

The accelerator is not only aimed at startups, but also established players can participate. The only condition to be eligible is to have completed at least one funding round.

The companies selected for the program will enjoy a number of benefits, including 4 mentoring meetings per year, the ability to learn about the sector abroad as well as access to a valuable network of industry peers. In addition, they will also enjoy 1 year of free access to Tencent's blockchain-as-a-service platform.

The cost of the program is around 100,000 yuans (about $14,120) per person.

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