Nasdaq Collaborates with R3 to Build Solutions for Digital Assets Marketplaces
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US-based stock exchange Nasdaq has entered into a long-term, non-exclusive, collaboration agreement with enterprise software firm R3 to build full lifecycle solutions for digital assets marketplaces, an official announcement states.

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By using R3's Corda solution, Nasdaq will bolster its platform and partnership strategy in order to support new institutional grade assets.

The R3 collaboration will boost Nasdaq’s efforts in helping digital assets marketplaces strengthen transparency standards to align with their capital markets counterparts as they evolve their businesses, the announcement points out.

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Nasdaq Head of Digital Assets, Market Technology Johan Toll says the collaboration between is another "important milestone in Nasdaq’s continuous development of technologies."

"R3’s Corda platform will fit well into Nasdaq’s technology ecosystem and partnership strategy and allow us to harness the power of scalable design and a new level of interoperability," Toll added.

Last year, an American multinational financial services corporation Mastercard Incorporated announced that in a partnership with R3 it will launch a new blockchain-enabled cross-border payments solution.

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