Bitcoin SV Rivals with Visa in Capacity to Process Transactions
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The Bitcoin Association, which promotes the use of Bitcoin SV, has just published a report in which it claims the network of the 6th largest crypto in the market is capable of processing a similar amount of transactions as Visa.

According to its first annual report, which covers the period from February 2019 to February 2020, the network, apart from being able to compete with Visa in terms of transactions, also offers miners higher rewards than BTC.

In particular, the BSV test network is capable of processing "1,300 transactions per second for a prolonged period, in addition to handling a peak load of 6,400 transactions per second."

As a comparison, Visa, considered as the largest payment processor in the world, is able to process an average of 1,700 transactions per second, a figure very similar to that achieved by the BSV network.

In addition, the network offers higher rewards to miners than its rivals:

"Bitcoin SV is emerging as the most profitable Bitcoin network for transaction processors (miners) to be working on, offering better returns than BTC on the majority of days from September 2019 to February 2020."

iHodl reported in February that Bitcoin SV had completed the Genesis hard fork, aimed at extending the block size limit.

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