DeFi Startup dForce Will Return Stolen Funds to Users
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DeFi startup dForce, which recently suffered a hacker attack in which it lost almost $25M, has reported it will return the stolen funds to its users.

According to a press release shared by the company, it is working to return the funds to users after the hacker has returned the money.

The attack took place on April 19, when a hacker or group of hackers attacked, dForce's lending protocol, stealing $24.9M.

However, just 4 days after the attack, the hacker surprised everyone when it decided to return the funds to the company. Apparently, some data about his identity had been leaked, such as his operating system (macOS).

dForce said through its official Twitter account that "over 90% of assets have been distributed to users in less than 24 hours. 100% users have been made whole in the recovery. We will disclose more future actions shortly."

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