Bitfinex Rolls Out a Social Network for its Users
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Popular crypto exchange Bitfinex has just rolled out "Pulse," a social network for traders.

According to the official press release, Pulse allows Bitfinex "verified customers" to share information and interact with each other.

Paolo Ardoino, the platform's CTO, had said that while the concept of a social network for traders is not new, "what distinguishes Bitfinex Pulse is the quality of the content available," as it will focus on "niche, real-time and high-quality information sources tailored towards our active community of traders."

Pulse will allow verified customers to share their thoughts on cryptocurrencies and share them publicly, while both verified and unverified users will be able to post private pulses.

Bitfinex Rolls Out a Social Network for its Users

In order to sign up, users can either choose a nickname or use the name associated with their account on the platform. However, customers can also skip the setup of their Pulse account and directly access other traders' pulses.

In August last year crypto trading platform Binance rolled out Binance X, a network for crypto/blockchain developers. According to the official announcement, this new platform will help to foster innovation of the global blockchain ecosystem, as well as Binance's own solutions, including Binance Chain, and Trust Wallet.

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