YouTube Faces Lawsuit from Ripple
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Ripple Labs, a company behind XRP token, has filed a lawsuit against YouTube to prompt an industry wide-behavior change and set the expectation of accountability.

An official announcement states that Ripple wants YouTube to be "more aggressive and proactive" in fighting against scams.

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The company also wants YouTube to faster remove posted scams once they are identified and "to not profit from these scams."

"In response to the numerous XRP-specific giveaway scams and impersonations, Ripple hired an external cybersecurity and digital threat intelligence vendor to help with reporting and takedown efforts, in addition to building our own submission form for the community to report unusual activity," Ripple Labs said in the statement.

In February, Ripple Labs failed to dismiss the class-action lawsuit, which, according to the company, could bring down the global virtual currency market XRP by half a trillion dollars.

In the meantime, YouTube started to block crypto-related channels again. The video streaming platform owned by Google censored the channels of Ivan on Tech, Crypto Wendy O and Chico Crypto.

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