Use of Cryptos' to Pay for Child Pornography Grew by 32% in 2019
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22 April
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According to the data provided by Chainalysis, the popularity of cryptos is increasing in the world of child pornography.

The data analyzed by the resource shows the use of cryptos to pay for child pornography increased by 32% during 2019 compared to 2018.

This increase has taken place in spite of the authorities' efforts to fight this practice, as may be the case with the 2018 closure of Welcome to Video, the world's largest child pornography network, which had collected around 420 Bitcoins during the almost three years it operated.

The use of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin by criminals is not bad news for the authorities, since if users are not careful enough to hide their identity, law enforcement agencies do not have many problems to trace the identity of the people involved in these criminal actions.

While it is true there are some privacy-centered cryptos that actually hide the users' identity, that is not the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Chainalysis economist Nina Heyden says most of the funds come from trading platforms, and best of all, they check the identity of their users, which allows the authorities to find criminals very easily:

"The good thing about that is those exchanges often cooperate with law enforcement when law enforcement requests more information during investigations."

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