Gnosis Launches Corona Information Markets
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The Gnosis team has launched a new prediction market platform for events related to the coronavirus pandemic, iHodl Russia has learned.

The so-called Corona Information Markets platform features 50 information markets. Users can assume what percentage of humanity will be infected by the end of 2020, how many confirmed cases of coronavirus will be in Spain by June 1 and so on.

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Betting on a particular outcome can be made with the help the USD Coin (USDC). Users can also sell their bids before the markets close. The outcome of the events will be determined by an oracle collecting data from trusted sources such as the World Health Organization.

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However, US citizens and residents, wherever located, as well as anyone physically present in the USA, are prohibited from participating in the markets in line with US law.

Earlier iHodl reported that Gnosis launched the decentralized exchange called Gnosis Protocol. It allows users to trade any token with limited slippage.

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