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Decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform CryptoLocally has announced support for TRON, enabling users to buy and sell TRX tokens with their local fiat currency. Formerly trading under EOSLocally, the newly-rebranded CryptoLocally has continued to evolve from its EOS-centric origins, with a range of non-EOS tokens now available.

The news is sure to be welcomed enthusiastically by existing platform users, who have been requesting a larger pool of coins with which to trade for some time. Like CryptoLocally’s P2P trading model, TRON is decentralized – though ironically, the vast majority of existing on-ramps are available only through centralized platforms.

TRON’s User Base On the Rise

Initially treated with some skepticism when its mainnet launched in mid-2018, TRON has grown to become a top-20 cryptocurrency by market cap and one of the most liquid by volume on many of the major global exchanges. Recently the network recorded its highest ever daily increase in new accounts, with some speculating that this was due to users wishing to utilize staking on the network and participate in the upcoming Just (JST) IEO taking place on Poloniex.

As with existing tokens including EOS, USDT and BNB, TRX can now be purchased directly from CryptoLocally sellers around the world using a range of payment methods including international wire, Venmo, WechatPay, Toss, Kakao pay, Cash App, SEPA transfers, TransferWise, Mercado Pago and PayPal. Similarly, those who want to cash out their TRX without surrendering their identity can arrange a trade in minutes on the platform. It’s also possible to organize a cash deal in person, whether you’re buying or selling.

Like other cryptocurrencies, TRX has many use cases, though one of the most popular involves decentralized applications (dApps) created on the TRON network. TRON’s dApp ecosystem has been referred to as “Las Vegas on a blockchain,” reflecting the number of gambling-based titles available. TRX can also be spent at various outlets, including travel startup

CryptoLocally Selling Privacy and Peace of Mind

Like LocalCryptos, CryptoLocally is a non-custodial platform where users arrange crypto trades, with an escrow service and ratings system in place to give users peace of mind. Trades can take less than two minutes or a maximum of 40 hours.

Peer-to-peer platforms like CryptoLocally are the number one choice for users who are unwilling to compromise their privacy and give their identifying details to a traditional exchange; like LocalCryptos, CryptoLocally does not hold any of its users’ private keys. All transactions are powered by a smart contract on-chain, with third parties unable to interfere with or steal funds.

Given the preponderance of gambling dApps tied to TRX, CryptoLocally is likely to be a popular choice for those wishing to trade the token while preserving their anonymity.

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