dForce Protocol Hacker Returns Almost All of Stolen $25M
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The hacker behind the recent attack on the DForce DeFi protocol, which led to $25 million loses over the weekend, contacted the protocol developers and transferred most of the stolen funds, iHodl Russia has learned.

During the recent attack, the hacker exploited the ERC-777 standard token vulnerability, which was discovered in 2018 by ConsenSys researchers during the security audit of the Uniswap decentralized exchange smart contract system.

On Monday, the dForce team began to negotiate with the attacker through comments on transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, while the attacker gradually returned the assets.

As a result, over 57,000 ETH (~$10 million), 425.61 MKR (~$132,000), 320 HBTC (~$2.2 million) and 252.34 imBTC (~$1.74 million), 7.1 million USDT, 137,000 DAI, 750,000 USDC, 381,000 HUSD and 126,000 PAX have already been transferred to dForce.

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Approximately $510,000 remains in the hacker's wallet in the USDx stablecoin issued by dForce itself. Some commentators suggest that the hacker got scared after the 1inch decentralized exchanges aggregator got confidential information about him. Others believe that the attack was made by an altruist developer who wanted to indicate an error in the protocol.

Previously iHodl reported that decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Bisq suffered a hacker attack through the critical security vulnerability.

The exchange said it discovered that an attacker was able to exploit a flaw in the Bisq trade protocol, targeting individual trades in order to steal trading capital.

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