ConsenSys to Lay Off Another 14% of Staff
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The Ethereum blockchain-focused software tech company ConsenSys has laid off another 14% of its staff, Decrypt reports.

A ConsenSys representative confirmed the news outlet that the company had to fire 91 employees due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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ConsenSys Founder and CEO Joseph Lubin said in a video conference that he "considered many levers" the company could pull to weather this storm.

"I consulted numerous people both inside and outside of the company. I pursued conversations with potential investors. I reviewed government assistance programs. I explored ways to collaborate with other projects in the ecosystem," Lubin added.

Lubin also noted that the company delays difficult decisions every day further depletes its capacity to realize its mission.

Back in February, the company also fired approximately 14% of its staff.

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Back then the decision was made in order to the restructure process at ConsenSys and divide its internal software activities from its venture one.

Earlier iHodl reported that ConsenSys, Gitcoin and other companies would hold a virtual Stop COVID-19 Hackathon to develop blockchain solutions to counter the coronavirus pandemic.

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