China's National Blockchain Platform Will be Compatible With EOS and ETH Nodes
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China's Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) will be compatible with public network nodes.

According to China's State Information Center, this new platform will allow anyone to build its own Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), as the BSN will provide environment services for developers around the world.

The development of BSN is overseen by the State Information Center of China. Participants in the project include companies from the telecommunications, financial services and technology industries, including the national payment system UnionPay.

Support for EOS nodes is expected to be added to the BSN by the end of July. This will allow system participants to launch simplified versions of EOS nodes through just one click. Support for other public blockchains such ETH will be added in the future.

The official launch of the BSN is scheduled for April 25th.

The platform aims to help companies launch blockchain apps faster and at lower cost.

Chinese president Xi Jinping said back in October last year he wants the country to become a leader in the blockchain industry. These statements were received with great enthusiasm by the crypto community in general, as in spite of the fact that digital currencies are banned in the country, blockchain adoption is good news for the industry.

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