Custodian Anchorage to Offer Staking for Libra's Rival
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April 17, 2020
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Popular crypto custody service Anchorage has just announced it plans to start offering staking for Celo Gold (cGLD), a cryptocurrency considered a direct rival to Libra.

According to the announcement, users of the service will be able to stake Celo Gold (cGLD) on the Anchorage platform and receive rewards for doing so.

Anchorage president and cofounder Diogo Monica has said:

"Anchorage was built precisely for blockchains like Celo, that require active, on-chain governance."

According to Celo, the project aims to help millions of smartphone owners by offering them accessible financial tools, pretty much the same Facebook aims to achieve with Libra.

However, according to Marek Olszewski, cofounder of the project, Celo is different from Libra because "it is decentralized, programmable and customizable."

Celo's mainnet has not yet been launched. It is scheduled to be launched in the coming months.

Celo Dollar, which is a stablecoin with a fixed price in dollars, will be launched this summer.

Yesterday it was known the Libra Foundation has decided to abandon the idea of launching an exclusive platform for a single stablecoin, so the idea now is to allow other stablecoins to be included on the platform.

iHodl reported in February Anchorage had added Cosmos to its custody service, allowing users to trade and stake it.

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