ShapeShift Acquires Israeli Crypto Wallet
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Switzerland-based cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift has acquired Portis, an Israeli digital wallet that also has its own SDK for developers of crypto applications to easily integrate wallet functionality into their product.

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According to an official announcement, Portis includes such features as client-side encryption, incredibly easy login, using the familiar email & password and a focus on developers with an SDK for seamless integration.

With Portis, ShapeShift's users will reportedly be able to log in to most leading Web3 applications like OpenSea, Augur, and Uniswap.

"Every user of those DApps will be able to get access to commission-free coin conversions on all major chains (not just Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens), and super fast fiat-to-crypto via a debit card," the announcement states.

Previously iHodl reported that ShapeShift added support for fiat deposits. As for now, the US-based clients can now directly buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin), ether (ETH) or stablecoin USDC on the exchange.

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