Litecoin Foundation Helped Produce We Summon the Darkness Movie
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A non-profit dedicated to advancing and promoting blockchain fund called Litecoin Foundation has become an executive producer of Marc Meyers' upcoming horror movie called "We Summon the Darkness."

The movie tells a story about three best friends who crossed paths with sadistic killers after they travel to a secluded country home to party.

The movie was released in the US on April 10th, 2020.

Earlier Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, proposed miners to donate 1% to finance the development of the project.

"At current LTC price, 1% of block rewards is about 7x Litecoin Foundation's yearly expenses," Lee wrote.

Last year, Litecoin experienced halving at block 1,680,000. Now miners who mine a block in the Litecoin network receive a 12.5 LTC reward instead of the 25 LTC they had been receiving so far.

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