Bitfinex Transfers $1.1B in BTC For a Fee of $0.68
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Popular crypto trading platform Bitfinex has carried out the largest Bitcoin transaction in history.

According to the data available on Bitcoin's blockchain, on April 10 a transaction of 161,500 BTCs (around $1.1B) was carried out for a fee of just 0.00010019 BTCs or $0.68.

15,000 of those 161,500 Bitcoins were reportedly sent to a wallet, while the remaining 146,500 were returned to the original address.

It appears that those 15,000 Bitcoins were sent to Bitfinex's hot wallet.

Since the transaction involved a really high amount, it didn't take long for users to notice it. For instance, Twitter user KRMA_0 was one of the first to talk about it. Bitfinex quickly replied, as the exchange CTO Paolo Ardoino responded to the tweet shortly thereafter saying the transaction had been carried out by the platform in order to transfer funds to its hot wallet:

This is the largest transaction in the history of Bitcoin, while the previous record was held by a 94,504 Bitcoins transaction (about 1,018 million dollars at that time) made on September 6, 2019. However, the fee for that transaction was $700, while now it has been only $0.68.

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