Reddit Testing Points System on Blockchain
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Popular American social news aggregation Reddit may be testing the implementation of points system on blockchain technology, according to a video published by Reddit user u/MagoCrypto.

Reddit Testing Points System on Blockchain

MagoCrypto has also published a video in which the alleged implementation of the new system is presented. The central element of the new system is the blockchain wallet for accumulating points.

It is assumed that the Ethereum blockchain network will be used as the main one for maintaining Reddit's points system.

Each user in the blockchain will be assigned an individual address. The menu also has a voting tab: apparently, users will be able to participate in decision-making with the help of points.

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Back in 2018, Reddit Co-Founder founder Alexis Ohanian and his Initialized Capital partner Garry Tan said in an interview with Breaker Mag that the cryptocurrency bear market can benefit innovations in the crypto sphere.

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