Social Network Twetch Improves Payment Feature with Bitcoin SV
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Twetch, a Twitter-like social network where users must make micropayments to publish and interact with content, has just launched a new feature that improves p2p payments with Bitcoin SV.

The social network, which is currently in private beta, has just added a new feature that allows users to send BSV to other users by entering the command line '/pay', the user's tag and the amount in dollars they want to transfer.

As payments within Twetch are made on-chain, transfers are publicly validated.

However, this is not the only new feature added to the social network, as Twetch has also released the "read API" functionality to the social platform's software development kit (SDK) on GitHub. This allows developers to create custom Twetch clients that can filter content based on specific topics.

In addition, users can also carry out advanced searches, however they must pay $1 to use this feature.

Twetch claims one of its best features that makes it stand out it that its users have full control over their data and content as they are registered on Bitcoin SV's blockchain.

Bitcoin SV has jumped by 13.83% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at around $216.37.

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