Crypto Miners' Revenue Drops By 25% in March
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Crypto miners earned $380M in March, a 25% less than a month earlier.

According to a study by The Block, this figure is based on the assumption that miners sell their Bitcoins right after they are mined.

Most of these profits come from the reward they receive per mined block, which currently amounts to 12.5 BTCs. However, once the Bitcoin halving is completed, which is scheduled for next month, this reward will fall to 6.25 BTCs.

According to available data, Bitcoin miners made a profit of $5B during 2019, slightly less than the $5.26B in 2018. It is still unknown whether this figure will be higher or lower in 2020.

Crypto miners, who are seeing their earnings fall as a result of BTC's incoming halving, are going through difficult times. Thus, they need more time to recover their investments in mining devices, which is also affecting ASIC makers. It has recently been known mining device makers are lowering their prices by 20% because of this.

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