GM Patents Blockchain-based Navigation Map
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American multinational corporation General Motors (GM) has filed a patent to develop a blockchain-based navigation map.

According to the filing on the U.S Patent & Trademark Office website, the blockchain-based system for updating a distributed navigation map for a motor vehicle includes several sensors to evaluate and characterize surrounding around the motor vehicle.

Currently, many vehicles, including autonomous ones, use a certain type of navigation system with detailed maps to the driver of the vehicle about the geographic location of the vehicle and the directions that direct it to its destination.

However, the maintenance cost of these maps is enormous.

General Motors Wants to Connect Vehicles with New Blockchain Patent

GM believes that with the help of blockchain technology, the issue can be handled.

Last year, BMW, General Motors, Ford, Renault and Honda announced they would begin testing a vehicle blockchain-based identification system that should allow drivers to pay for parking or travel without using cash or credit cards.

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