Mining Devices Prices Drop 20% Prior to BTC Halving
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Bitcoin's price fall and the upcoming halving, which is scheduled for May, have forced mining devices makers to lower their prices, in some cases as much as 20%, CoinDesk has reported.

For instance, in early March, while MicroBT sold its WhatsMiner M30S for $2,500, its current price is $2,000, a 20% lower. For its part, the M20S model has dropped from $1,679 to $1,340.

The price of most ASIC mining devices started to fall at the end of 2019 as it was estimated that miners would need at least 15 months to pay off their investments.

The price of mining devices is not fixed, makers adjust them depending on the period of time they estimate miners will need to start making profits, which in turn depends on BTC's price and the complexity of the network.

For instance, the Whatsminer M20S and the AntMiner S17 Pro, whose price was $2,400 and $3,000, respectively, in mid-October 2019, now cost about $1,500 each.

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