Maduro Will Give Petros to Venezuela's Doctors to Fight the Coronavirus Crisis
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Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has just announced he has decided to carry out an airdrop of the national crypto in order to support the country's health system.

According to a tweet published yesterday by a government official, Maduro has started a campaign called "Médicos de la Patria" (Doctors of the Homeland) aimed at giving a Petro to every doctor in the country in order to reward them for their contribution in the fight against the COVID-19.

The Petro is the country's national cryptocurrency. Each token is supposedly backed by a barrel of oil. Even though the country's government claims each currency is worth about $60, it is traded for about 20-26 on local exchanges.

The airdrop will reportedly be carried out through the"Sistema Patria" (Patria System), a platform developed by the government to issue bonds and subsidies in the national crypto avoiding the traditional banking system, which is suffering a severe crisis.

If we consider Venezuela's minimum salary is the equivalent of about $3.61 + $2.89 in food stamps, doctors would be receiving the equivalent of several months of work.

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