Telegram Lawyers Find Flaws in SEC Arguments
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Skadden's lawyers, the law firm in charge of defending Telegram's interests, have asked the court to ask the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to clarify whether the ban on the distribution of Gram tokens applies to non-US investors. They have said in a letter sent to the regulator:

"The SEC is dedicated to increasing federal legal guidelines on overseas transactions, the place the one hyperlink conceivable with the USA is the probability that the instrument can be acquired by American prospects sooner or later."

In addition, they have also pointed out some flaws in the SEC's arguments:

"The SEC claims that Telegram paid commissions to overseas brokers to seek out new traders. And that supposedly these brokers discovered traders in the USA. This isn't documented and finally irrelevant to the problem at hand."

Skadden's lawyers have asked the regulator to clarify the problem of the distribution of Gram tokens.

Telegram's lawyers have recently asked the court to clarify the scope of its decision to ban the distribution of Gram tokens. The lawyers believe the ban should only apply to agreements with US investors.

In response, the SEC has filed a request with the court so that the ban is not only applied to US investors.

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