Bitfinex Launches Market Anti-Manipulation Tool
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Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has launched a new Shimmer tool designed to deal with manipulations on the cryptocurrency market, iHodl Russia reports.

Bitfinex Announces Massive Trading Pair Delisting

Shimmer is designed to identify suspicious transactions on Bitfinex and report them to a specialized team. Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino claims different actions "will be applied depending on the severity of the situation."

"The purpose of this new tool is to ensure fair and safe markets for everyone, so we will always act in the best interests of the Bitfinex community," Ardoino added.

Bitfinex states the Shimmer is capable of blocking money laundering-related transactions when a user buys and sells an asset in order to mislead the market. Shimmer was specifically developed to work with the Hive matching engine.

Previously iHodl reported that Bitfinex announced delisting over 85+ trading pairs from 26/03/20 10:00 AM UTC due to "low levels of liquidity."

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