Bitmain Announces Price and Delivery Date of its Antminer S19
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Chinese crypto mining giant Bitmain has just announced it has started to sell the Antminer S19, its new mining device.

The company will reportedly start to sell the devices only in China, while sales in other countries will be available soon.

Starting today at 7:00 CET, potential Chinese buyers can already make purchase requests for the new Antminer S19. However, the first batch of the product is already sold out. Users who have made the purchase will receive their new devices between May 11 and 20.

Both the Antminer S19 and the S19 Pro are available in two versions:

  • The Antminer S19 will have a hashrate of 95 TH/s (90 TH/s in the second version), while its energy efficiency is 34.5±% 5 J/TH.
  • The Antminer S19 Pro will be able of mining at a hash rate of 110 TH/s or 105 TH/s, while its energy efficiency will be 29.5±% 5 J/TH.

The models available for purchase today are the S19 95 TH/s and the S19 Pro 110 TH/s at a price of 15,495 yuans ($2,180) for the Antminer S19 and 20,770 yuans ($2,920) for the Antminer S19 Pro.

Bitmain claims the Antminer S19 is equipped with a new generation chip manufactured by the company that allows it to reach an energy efficiency of up to 23 J/TH. This is possible thanks to the improvement of the circuit architecture. In addition, these devices will have a new firmware that increases the startup speed and adds an intelligent control mechanism.

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