Italian Bank Begins to Offer BTC Trading
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March 20, 2020
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Italian bank Banco Stella has begun to offer its customers a Bitcoin trading service amid the coronavirus crisis.

This new service is offered through the bank's Hype platform. The institution will act as an intermediary in order to mitigate potential security risks with crypto exchanges.

The bank has reportedly taken the decision to launch this new service as a result of the interest that Bitcoin is receiving from users, who want to make international money transfers securely amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the bank, over 1.2 million users are taking advantage of the Hype platform not only to sell and buy Bitcoin, but also to pay for goods and services.

Users do not have to complete any KYC process or provide any additional documents to access this service.

Hype General Manager Antonio Valitutti said:

"The cryptocurrency and Bitcoin market in particular continues to arouse interest, especially among the public that constitutes our customer base — by definition young and smart and who, increasingly, expect to be able to access this world through the tool that they use to manage money on a daily basis."

It has recently been known the Italian Red Cross is carrying out a Bitcoin fundraising campaign to help fight the epidemic.

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