Crypto Exchange CoinZoom Launches in US
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19 March
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Crypto trading platform CoinZoom has received a license from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), so it is now free to allow institutional and retail investors to register accounts.

CoinZoom stands as a direct competitor of Coinbase and its Coinbase Card, as the platform offers its own Visa card, which users can use to directly buy with the cryptos they have in their accounts.

The company CEO Todd Crosland has said CoinZoom is not only the first exchange to work with Visa, but also the first to offer a p2p system like ZoomMe, which allows users to instantly send and receive zero-fee p2p crypto and fiat payments.

CoinZoom supports the most popular cryptos, which are offered in pairs with the US dollar.

It has recently been known Coinbase has started offering mobile payments with cryptos through Google Pay.

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