Number of Bitcoin-related Search Requests Hit New Record
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The number of search requests for the terms "buy Bitcoin" has reached new records amidst the collapse of the stock markets, according to data provided by Google Trends.

On March 13, the number of search requests for the term "buy Bitcoin" experienced a dramatic increase to its highest level in a month.

In addition, filbfilb, a very popular user in the crypto community, noted the "buy Bitcoin" searches became even more popular than "buy gold." However, this situation did not last long, so gold regained its position soon after.

This sharp increase in the number of search requests coincides with the collapse of BTC on March 13 to $3,800 after losing 50% of its value in just 24 hours.

We must remember traditional markets are experiencing a crisis at the same time. Analyst Christopher Attard has said the world markets are in such a bad situation that we are facing a "black swan," a phenomenon that has an unprecedented reaction in the financial markets. Attard also says that in under these situations, people seem to prefer cash and toilet paper to stocks.

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