Chinese Journalist Publishes Report on Coronavirus Through ETH and Skips Government Censorship
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18 March
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Sarah Zheng, journalist at the Chinese local newspaper South China Morning Post, claims to have published an interview with a coronavirus specialist through Ethereum, bypassing this way the censorship of the Communist Party of China.

Zheng has said through her official Twitter account that the interview with Dr. Ai Fen has been published on the Internet thanks to the blockchain of the second largest crypto by market cap.

The interview has also reportedly been encrypted with QR codes and deliberate typos in an attempt to skip censorship.

Dr. Ai claims in the interview she has been the victim of an "unprecedented and severe reprimand" by the authorities for just warning other doctors back in December about tests performed on a patient with a coronavirus diagnosis.

The article, which was originally published in the local media Renwu, was banned from the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat, so users could not access it.

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